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Hey! You actually clicked! 

Well then, here's a little more about me . . .

I was practically born with a book in my hand, so I suppose it's no surprise that I ended up creating a career in the literary sphere. It did, however, take awhile to get there ...


Despite arriving in the world unplanned to teenage parents, I was deeply loved and had a wonderful family on both sides—including the best grandparents on the planet—who not only put up with my precociousness, but encouraged all my interests and provided me with ample books, games, and learning tools. I started reading when I was three years old, and by kindergarten, I was reading chapter books, parts of the newspaper, and the weekly TV Guide. I absolutely adored school and escaping into the worlds of the many books on my shelves, whether Seussian, Dahlian, or Narnian. Fascinated by language, I was also blessed with a near photographic memory when it came to spelling—words, names, places—and I had an inexplicable gift for and obsession with grammar that baffled my family, all of whom wondered what planet I hailed from.

In 1977, Plymouth came out with a model called the Arrow, and their jingle drove me crazy. It went, “Me and my Aaarroow.” I would stand in front of the TV and say with exasperation, "It's ‘My Arrow and I.’”

All through elementary and junior high, I continued to hone my love for language with extraordinary teachers who promoted and expected expanded vocabulary, excellent writing skills, and creative writing projects. At age eight, I started writing my first "novel"; in 7th grade, I voluntarily—and eagerly—read and used The Elements of Style; and I was on my junior high newspaper and yearbook staff. You might think my natural path would be journalism, but ...

Although I was drawn to the idea of working for a magazine or newspaper, I saw how aggressive reporters tended to be, and that didn't match my personality at all. And though I loved the notion of being a full-time writer, I didn't know exactly how I'd make a living at it. So I switched my sights to working for a publishing house as an editor, until I found out I'd have to move to New York (I was a native California girl who couldn't imagine moving) and was told that I would likely spend years in a cubicle by myself with a red pen, correcting whatever manuscripts they assigned to me for not much pay, and that I could spend years working my way up to a position of significance. Whether that would have been my experience or not, the idea of that was enough to steer me away.

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Fast forward to 2011, after graduating from Scripps College and spending twenty years in retail leadership roles, it was time for me to completely reinvent myself. Serendipity—and a heaping spoonful of Universal magic—brought me to designing my first book cover for a client . . . which turned into a referral for my next book design client. That client referred me to a powerhouse client who also hired me as her editor. Falling into blissful alignment with my skills and passions, I founded my company, The Book Doctor Is In, and dedicated myself to producing and publishing books with a level of excellence that rivaled traditionally published books, a commitment I've held fast to now for a decade.


Since those early fateful connections and that first book I edited and designed cover to cover, I've been blessed to connect with—and partner with—over fifty authors on their complete book production. Not only have I been able to build a unique business in this industry as a one-stop-shop for independent authors—including editing, proofreading, cover and interior design, ebook production, writing services, marketing materials creation, website design, and presentation crafting—I am now a ghostwriter as well. Through the memoirs I've edited and those I've ghostwritten, I've discovered my ability to fully step inside someone's soul space and write their story in their voice, which has been a tremendous gift to unearth. I've also been blessed to work as a layout artist for She Writes Press since 2013, designing over 200 distinct interiors for their authors.

I absolutely love fulfilling people's publishing dreams; I have also dreamed for decades of being an author myself. With one novel awaiting its birth, and another five in my head, I never imagined my first solo publication would be a memoir of my mom and me. Losing her on this Earthly plane when she was still so young was definitely not in our plan, but having her stardust surround me in writing our Gilmore Girls–like story has been a gift like no other—and I am immensely humbled and grateful that R&L has now been recognized with three notable indie book awards.

As for my personal life, I have been with my soul mate, Dana—who is the best playmate I could have asked for—for twenty-two years. We live a quiet life on Whidbey Island in Washington state with our Maine Coon Kitty, Sierra Luna, whom we rescued in 2022, and scads of birds, deer, and squirrels that roam our property.

(Short List of) Favorite Books: 

The Secret Life of Bees, The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, I'll Be Your Blue Sky, Amy Stewart's Kopp Sisters novels, and everything by Fannie Flagg

(Even Shorter List of) Favorite Movies: 

The Thin Man (1934), You Can't Take It with You (1938), Now, Voyager (1942), How to Marry a Millionaire (1953), Desk Set (1957), Pillow Talk (1959), 9 to 5 (1980), When Harry Met Sally (1989), Enchanted April (1991)

(Super Short List of) Favorite TV Shows: 

Gilmore Girls, Golden Girls, Star Trek: Voyager 

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