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June 14, 2021

When my sixteen-year-old mom brought me home from the hospital, she had no idea what to do with me. But, because she was adopted, I also provided her with something she'd never had: her first biological connection to another human being. Soon enough, that connection grew into one of the most unique mother-daughter bonds either of us ever knew (until Gilmore Girls!). Turns out, I had come here to raise her as much as she would raise me . . . and for us, that was not only perfectly natural, but it was also the making of a remarkably beautiful friendship.


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“Up until Gilmore Girls aired, neither my mom nor I had ever encountered anyone with our dynamic. It was so unlike what other mothers and daughters had that people sometimes had a hard time grasping it. It was clear she was no June Cleaver or Carol Brady, but how did my decidedly unconstrained mother end up with a square, conservative, perfectionist like me?” 


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As a lifelong grammar nerd and lover of books, I've been in my element for the last ten years: building books for my author clients as a ghostwriter, editor, cover designer, layout artist, and publishing partner . . . and now I'm finally fulfilling my own dream of being an author. I

wish I hadn't had to lose my amazing mom for that to happen, but I also believe that this memoir of our wacky and wonderful relationship has been heaven-kissed by her in every way—and that she's feeling the sweetness of my first solo published book being about us. I know I am. 

 ... if you're interested :)


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“This uncommon and heartwarming mother-daughter relationship through the years is a quirky, tender, playful, mystical, inspiring breath of fresh air.”

author of the memoir

From Plain to Plane

“. . . a darn good page-turner that could easily rival any riveting novel . . . a memoir worth relishing.” 

5-Star Review

“A precocious daughter and her wildflower mother navigate life through complex family dynamics and relationships, happiness and tears ... impossible to put down.”

co-author of the memoir

Jumping from Helicopters

“A sensitive, and at times hilarious, depiction of a child raising a child, while highlighting a young mother’s solid values. Your heart will be touched in a way that only the truest of loves between a parent and child can.”

author of the memoir

Six Funerals and a Wedding

“Aaronson’s approach has a disarming charm and is warmly intuitive . . . this frank and affecting work is a deeply personal celebration of maternal love that avoids the pitfall of being narrowly anecdotal by exploring broader issues of personal identity, family lineage, and struggles with grief. . . . An intimate and moving account of a singular bond."



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What's the meaning of the bunny? 

My mom and I loved children's playthings, and we both loved animals. So it wasn't unusual for me to give her a stuffed bunny for her 66th birthday. My mom loved that bunny, and she took it with her when we went over the border for her holistic healing journey. 

My mom may no longer be with me physically, but her bunny is ... and the symbolism of it being her floating nearby on a heavenly balloon brings a smile to my heart. 



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